Writing Groups

Write On MBA frequently conducts group sessions. If you’re located in our region or interested in a virtual (phone) group, you may be interested in attending! Ask for more information about these groups that meet regularly at Write On MBA’s new office in Eugene, OR, and by telephone bridge line.

Ongoing groups meeting in Eugene, OR, or on the phone:

  • ABD for finishing your thesis or dissertation: Mondays/Weekly
  • Writing for Publication, a workshop for faculty, Fridays/Weekly
  • Brain-based Coaching, a weekly virtual summer book group for academic coaches

The following are some of the group session topics:

  • Finding or making time to write.
  • Dealing with distractions.
  • Handling writing project overwhelm.
  • Bringing your first publication to print.

Please click here to inquire about Write On MBA’s group sessions.

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