Writing and Life Coaching

As a Writer and Writing Coach

Dr. Averill has shepherded hundreds of graduate students through the thesis or dissertation process. She has worked with graduates, undergraduates, and faculty members in linguistics, economics, business, social sciences, sciences, education, English, history, humanities, and other subject areas.

Mary Beth has provided consultation to nonfiction book authors, memoir writers, journalists, song writers, screen writers, and magazine writers. She has written a dissertation in biology, a social work thesis, science and social science academic articles and book reviews, and has coauthored a book chapter. In 2014, she and Hillary Hutchinson published How to become an academic coach: What you need to know.

As a Life Coach

Mary Beth provides life coaching for people who want to enjoy more fulfillment, more balance, and more time in their lives. She will help you to determine what really matters to you and to devise a plan to achieve your goals. Clarifying, learning, accountability, action, change, and acknowledging success are some of the highlights of life coaching.

Mary Beth has led workshops on middlessence, writing for publication, stages of change, memoir writing, academic writing, task ena bling, and moving beyond ABD.

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