The Process

Write On MBA starts our collaboration with an initial consultation (by phone, email, or face-to-face) to determine precisely which service will best address your goal(s). The initial consultation with Dr. Averill begins with a description of your issue (as you see it) and what you hope to accomplish through your relationship with us.

Dr. Averill will use this time to ask informed questions and take notes used to help you with focus and/or organization. Our clients often send a copy of their assignment/work or a list of their ideas in advance of the first consultation.

With this information, together we evaluate what you are currently doing well and then we discuss recommendations for how to move forward — building on your strengths by adding new skill sets. Sessions typically end with the development of an action plan detailing what you can reasonably accomplish by the next scheduled session.

Since privacy is important to some clients, we give you a written copy of our Privacy Policy when we begin our work.

Dr. Averill is happy to schedule half hour or hour sessions in person or by phone, whichever is most convenient.

Please request a Free Sample Session.

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