Mary Beth Averill, PhD, is a writing coach, consultant, editor,and and life coach in business in Eugene, Oregon, and is the founder/owner of Write On MBA.


With a doctorate in Biology from the University of Oregon, Mary Beth has been an academic writer since the late 1960s. Currently, in addition to her coaching business, she is a consultant with the Smith College School for Social Work as an adjunct Professor, providing research advising to social work Master’s and doctoral candidates. At Smith, Dr. Averill served on the School for Social Work’s IRB for 10 years and has taught Research Methods and Writing for Professional Publication. Dr. Averill is interested in applying recent neuropsychology advances in her work with clients. She is experienced in working with divergent thinkers, right brainers, and people with learning differences including ADD. In the summers, she facilitates a group for academic coaches with brainiac leanings. Mary Beth works with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates.

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